Blog Power: do I really need a blog on my website?

Do I need a Blog?

Yes – and here’s why…

In a nutshell, a well-written, informative (and regular!) blog attracts readers and search engines. It also shows that your business is on the pulse.  

Fresh content

When you search for a service, are you more attracted to sites that show they are in touch with change, or ones that are static? Fresh content is proof that you are making an effort to keep up, which is good for business. Are you ahead of the game, or have you got something to learn?   

SEO loves blogs

There are some mysteries to SEO, but it’s a fact that it likes blogs: regular and relevant blogs that are well written. Be sure to use keywords; this will help forge an active routeway to your site. Remember, your blog is getting your website noticed.

Blogs are not just for today

Your blog feeds your website, helping it grow organically and preventing it becoming stale. The blog you post today isn’t going anywhere. It will be ranked, and could still be driving traffic to your site in the future. Good subject matter is steadily accessed over time – or might suddenly become a hot topic.

Blogs can be shared

If it’s interesting and pertinent, people will share your blog on social media, spreading your visibility net without you having to do it yourself. Or having to pay!

Collect customer information

You can use your blog to add information to your customer database. For example, offering new visitors a great discount, or getting them to sign up for a newsletters or product notifications, may tempt them to part with their email address. Get the contact – follow the lead!

Dare to be different

There needs to be a reason to click on your blog, so avoid looking exactly like the rest. Are you an authority in your area? If yes, don’t be afraid to show that off. Be the blog that’s ahead of the curve… or the one with a different angle or interesting POV. 

Blog tone

You can stray a small distance from your website TOV (tone of voice) when you create a blog. However, it’s best not to break too far away, or it could confuse your clients. Being chatty and informal and then suddenly serious (or vice versa) is disconcerting.

Blog tips

  • Attention spans are short: be informative, relevant and succinct.
  • Use headings and bullet points to signpost your points.
  • If you haven’t got the time or skill to write well, source it out.
  • Have you got a unique or interesting perspective?
  • Asking questions increases engagement.
  • Don’t try to cover too many issues in one blog post.
  • Decide how often you can commit to creating a new blog – and stick to it.

Who can write my blog?

You can. But there are advantages to creating a relationship with a professional writer. Nutshell Copywriting is skilled in writing blogs for a variety of industry sectors, and can research a topic from scratch. We can also edit and craft the information you provide into a blog that is written to reflect you and attract your audience. This takes the pressure off, and guarantees your blog will read well. 

In summary:

Blogs are great for your business today and into the future, as long you are saying something useful and relevant – and saying it well.

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