Discover Fort Amherst Defending Medway with Pride Chatham, Kent

Format: Website – complex pages.

Brief: To write content for a new website that needed to cover every aspect of this historically important building. The website needed to be inclusive to all public visitors with excellent UX and structure. Working effectively with website designer and liaising regularly with fort staff and members of the board. Pages were extensive and required full understanding of the fort’s history; how educational visits work; and the variety of special events and venue hire opportunities. Tunnel tours, planning a visit and the café were also included.

Audience: The site needed to be inclusive to all ages and social and cultural backgrounds. The remit was to an make the fort an attractive visitor destination for those locally and further away.

Tone: Inclusive, engaging, sense of pride, welcoming, persuasive. Creating a sense of interest and ‘wonder’ where possible.

Work: A large project that required regular meetings with fort employees, the local council, board members and the website designer. Content was supplied regularly, and included opportunities for ‘story telling’ to help with public engagement.