Prospero Events


Format: Website / presentation slides / leaflet.

Brief: To write content that would showcase Prospero’s unique, theatre-inspired events. The site had to explain to visitors how the company would plan special events, which can be to any scale, and to help them imagine what they could expect.

Audience: Customers wanting a unique and bespoke celebratory experience. 

Tone: Upbeat, exciting, individual, professional.

Work: Discussion with owner, working with designer, pinning down the pertinent information and translating it into a form that the customer. Ensuring UX provided a clear journey through the site. 

Web design: Bridget Designs

I can honestly say that working with Kaz has been a very professional and rewarding experience.

Having had a beautiful website create by Bridget Tann @ Bridget Designs it became obvious that I needed extra text ….and I was struggling.

Kaz was recommended, and after one phone conversation I felt very confident that she understood the essence of what I was trying to achieve. She listened, very patiently, to my incoherent ideas and from that Kaz produced an extensive and strong storyline.

She has captured the ethos of the company brilliantly.

Kaz is excellent at guiding and pushing the project in the right direction… I am delighted with the results.

She is a joy to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Kathryn Waters Founder and Managing Director, Prospero Themed Events 29 September 2020