A good question. Roughly speaking, purpose is what counts. Copywriting is writing words for selling a product or idea; content is about delivering information. Content writing is managing to do both at the same time! The aim for most marketing focused websites is to subtly sell and inform, without overdoing it and putting people off.

Yes. And here’s (just a few) reasons why:

  • You don’t have time.
  • Copy and content writers spend all day with structure, key words and SEO – creatively blending the relevant information with the best tone of voice.
  • It’s a collaborative process. Your input will inform the writing; I will tease out the story and make it chime with your customers.
  • You’re too close to what you do: a copywriter has a fresh angle and is objective.
  • You’re working hard on other things… and you don’t have time.

In a nutshell, good copywriting should: understand the subject; be certain of its purpose; know the audience; choose the right words; engage and inform; excite and persuade, create the perfect tone of voice; inspire action!

A nutshell contains all the good stuff needed for growth. And so should your copy. 

No. I have a diverse background and very wide range of professional experiences and interests. My writing has covered an array of subjects from education, sport, health, beauty, hospitality and heritage visitor attractions … all the way to fun events businesses and financial advisors.
First Rule of Copywriting: never blag it. Rest assured, I make sure I understand the precise purpose of the writing, who it is for and what level of technical information is required.

I’ll give you an idea at the start of the job. 

The more information we share at the beginning, the smoother and quicker the process.  Once started, it’s best to keep the momentum going.  Generally there will a first draft to discuss.  The faster we liaise and move on – the better! 

It is hard to exactly measure words, but I’m always up front.  A rough guideline to my charges is next to each of my services. Once I know the remit of the job, I will quote you the exact fee. 

The right words matter. They also come from experience, research, knowledge and creativity. Professional and experienced copywriters earn a £349 average day rate (2019).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.