Rise IQ

Rise IQ ESG Sustainability

ESG and sustainability business consultancy

Specialised website content relating to Environmental, Social and Governance issues, with additional creation of other public-facing material.

Format: Website content for a business consultant with a specialist area in the social element of ESG.

Brief: To create content that showed unique character and approach of the consultant and their excellent understanding of the subject matter. To inform potential clients about how Rise IQ addresses ESG and Sustainability, and why it must be taken seriously in today’s business world.  

Audience: Businesses and ESG managers requiring help and consultancy to meet their ESG obligations with real and lasting impact. Anyone needing wider understanding of the social element of ESG and sustainable goals.

Tone: Authoritative with strong personality and character; informative, approachable, engaging and reassuring.

Work: Detailed initial meetings; in depth research around the subject; developing a tone that reflected the client and the expectation of the sector.

Web design: Bridget Designs