Time for a Website MOT?

Website MOT

Cars have an annual MOT to ensure that they are in good shape. Why not give your website an annual check too? If it isn’t doing well on all the points below, book it in for a service or upgrade.

7 website checks to make today


Is your site easy and effective to use? Websites today need to look good on a range of screens including phones and laptops. In fact, most browsing is now done via phones, so scrolling and searching must be seamless between pages. Your site must also have an up to date Content Management System (CMS), great content and clear navigation. People want a clear path to what they need, not endless clicking. If they can’t see what they want they will find it elsewhere.

Strong SEO

Google and other search engines like to latch onto good content. Gone are the days of inserting a particular keyword multiple times into every section of text. Google wants to recognise your overall topic, so it will also scan for associated words and phrases. This is where Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords take the stage. We love these words and phrases because they allow your content to flow naturally, read well and keep visitors on your site. Vitally, search engines love them too.

Speedy Hosting

Speed matters in the website wars. Who wants to waste a second as a new page loads? Modern websites need modern coding that enables your site to whizz along smoothly. If your site isn’t running well, with clunks and bumps as you move from one area to another, it could be that your hosting arrangement is letting you down. A new site is a great time for you to explore alternative and more effective hosting options.

Working Words

Websites use fewer words these days, so each one really matters. What a pressure! It’s important to get your message over using a tone that will engage your specific audience, and this takes skill. Serious or chatty, calm or vibrant, gender specific or neutral, value or high end: what makes your customers respond now might be quite different to a few years ago. Tastes and trends also affect how we react to the written word. Capturing the attention of the right audience for your service or product is not something to take for granted.

Wrong Words!

Do you have mistakes on your site? Is all your content relevant? Does it earn its place? Over time what a business offers, how it delivers it, and even who works there will change. Perhaps you even have a new product or service that you aren’t proclaiming enough? Customers (unfortunately) aren’t mind readers. If you don’t correct errors and check that all your information is relevant, they will become frustrated and leave.

Visuals and Design

Does a picture really equal a 1000 words? Maybe not, but they should certainly be chosen with care. Quality, relevance and design really matter for a visual to add (and not detract) from your site. You might have a pic of your brilliant product, but will it convince a customer or client? A good designer will have access to stock images, understand current tastes and select the best. Video is increasingly used on website; a zippy message can convey a concept or concisely explain a service. Good visuals can be the making of an effective website, but don’t overdo it.

Website Pride

When people ask if you have a website, do you say “YES!” because you know they’ll admire it and use it? Or are you reluctant and apologetic as you disclose the URL? Your site is a reflection of your business (and by extension, of you). You could be the best at what you do or provide, but if your website suggests otherwise the hits you get won’t stay around to find out. It feels truly wonderful to have a great site. After all, it’s your point of first contact. This means that it must do its job superbly – or get fired!

Did your website pass it’s MOT?

Check for:

  • Functionality
  • Strong SEO
  • Speedy Hosting
  • Working Words
  • Wrong Words!
  • Visuals And Design
  • Website Pride

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