What Makes Effective Website Content? Words that Attract Visitors to your Site, and Keep them There!

Content is a silent, powerful tool. It’s job is to get visitors onto your site, and keep them there. Words, and how they are used, are key. The right ones act like magic. The wrong ones repel visitors before they learn about your product or service.

The best words inform, create a trusted and emotional bond – and generate sales.

Whether creating your own content or using a professional writer, consider these pointers in your planning. They will set solid foundations for success:

  1. What does your firm actually offer?

If you’re in an industry with lots of similar companies, what makes you special and why should a client choose you? If you’re unique and niche, or have a specialism, what precisely is it, and can you make that clear?

What you do, or offer, should be easy to grasp on your home page. You can then add more information and background by planning a well thought out ‘journey’ for your prospective client to follow.

  1. Stand in your client’s shoes

You’re great at what you do. However, a good reason for using a content writer (or having your content edited) is that you are the provider, not the customer. You know your product and service inside out, but there are probably angles you haven’t considered, assumptions you’ve made, and information you might omit because you feel it’s too basic – or too complex. The journey through your site towards a sale needs to reflect where your visitors are, not where you’d like them to be.

  1. What’s in it for them?

Once your potential visitors understand what you do, they want to know how it will benefit them. Imagine a customer with a thought bubble above their head with the words, “What’s in it for me?!”

If they sense this early on, they will spend time with you to find out more. If not, they will leave. Could asking direct questions pique interest? Yes – but it should never be overdone. A creative mixture of direct and subtle content can reach the senses and the emotions, as well as address the practical benefits of your product. Your prospective customer should think along the lines of: “What is this? I like the look of this. I could do with this. I want this!”

  1. Content backed by facts and expertise

Your customers want to feel they are in safe and knowledgeable hands. Don’t be woolly, especially if your service or product is specialist. Sometimes it’s a good method to ask your workforce to contribute to any factual and complex content; they will be delighted to be included and could tell you things you hadn’t thought of. The words they supply might be the wrong tone, too dense or contain grammatical mistakes… but the bare bones will be correct. Your content writer will know how to edit and organise the text to fit the style and tone of the rest of the site, without needing to be an expert themselves. See how we can help you with your editing and proofreading.

  1. Is your tone of voice fresh?

Fresh as in: appropriate for your product, customer base – and the current year we’re living in. Sites aimed at ‘youth’ are often pumped with the most current street language. They’re vibrant and attractive, but probably not here to stay. Other sites use traditional text and language forms to suggest stability and trust.

For most sites, a tone placed between the two extremes works best: approachable, welcoming, friendly but respectful is what you’re aiming for, but breaking the mould could help you to stand out from the rest, or reach a specific genre of client. Check out other sites in your sector, and ask your copywriter to advise and experiment. Tone is vital – and must suit your industry and your individual company. It should also be consistent.

  1. Websites and User Experience (UX)

Your content might be good in parts, but your site must flow logically. Visitors only allow seconds before they exit sites that don’t lead them to what they need. This causes a double whammy: customers aren’t buying, and the power of your SEO is diminished.

  • UX should be clean, helpful and clear. Why? Because visitors are impatient.
  • Your home page should include as much info as possible, without being cluttered, and your contact info easy to spot.
  • Include pages for people wanting more detail – but have them hidden away to access in the small type or via a link.
  • Grouping major services on the home page will speed things up.
  • Visuals are vital: a quality image shows what you do and how you do it.
  • Visitor journey towards purchase or enquiry should be as easy as possible. BUT don’t overuse CLICK HERE buttons or pop ups as they can be irritating.
  • Case studies help visitors understand how you can help; they also visualise themselves using your product or service. Link to Nutshell work page
  • Testimonials give credence and convey a sense of ‘a job done well’.
  • Blogs give context and additional information; regular blogs are great for SEO link to blog page
  •  Q and A show you are considering the needs of your audience – but don’t have too many.
  1. Who’s behind the name?

Make your company, yourself, or your team, feel real. This is especially important for services. Your client wants to know that you are approachable and organised, and that they are in safe hands at every stage. A photo showing an appropriately dressed team works well. If relevant, individuals can be shown with a short bio in a consistent, brief style. Take care not to overdo it though; what suits one person might not resonate with another. About Nutshell Copywriting.

In summary:

  1. Don’t rush planning your new content: there’s a lot to consider!
  2. You can write some yourself, but always use an expert to organise, edit and ensure it is consistent.
  3. See the journey through the eyes of your visitor: what’s in it for them?
  4. Choose a tone of voice that suits your company, and your sector.
  5. Does your site flow logically, with all information easy to find?

Nutshell Copywriting creates effective content for a wide range of sites.

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